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You should find answers your questions here. You can also use the search bar in the top menu to search through the contents of the website. Also check the Application Guidelines page.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please submit your question via the form on the contact page.

How long does it take to know whether an application has been accepted?

Receipt of applications will normally be acknowledged within 10 working days at which time you will be given an indication of when the application is likely to be considered by the Trustees.

Only part of our application would apply to Norfolk. Can I still apply?

Yes you can still apply. Grants are normally awarded for projects that take place in Norfolk or the Waveney District of Suffolk - but we will consider applications that have a connection with these areas.

If we start the online application, can we come back later to finish it?

Yes, you can 'save' your partially completed application at any time without submitting it. You can return at any time - use the 'log in' button at the top of each page along with the password you created.

Is there a limit to the size of an application?

Whilst there is no upper limit to the size of a grant given, very rarely are grants of £30,000 or over given.

Will you consider grants for core costs or salaries?

Applications towards a specific project are more likely to be looked on favourably by the trustees than those to help core costs or salaries.

Will we need to provide evidence as to how any monies received have been spent

Yes. The Charity will require a progress report or other evidence as to how the money has been spent.

Do we have to apply 'online' or can we complete a paper application?

It makes it much easier for us to process your application if you apply online via this website. If you can't apply online we do accept paper applications - see details here.

Will you fund projects in full, or do you require us to raise money from other sources too?

We take each application as a stand-alone case - occasionally but rarely does the charity fund applications in full.

Can individuals apply for a grant?

No - grants are not available to individuals.

What documentation will you need?

The documents you'll need to support your application are listed in the Application Guidelines.

We had a grant from you a few years or so ago. Can we make a new application now for a different project?

Whether the application is successful or not applicants are expected to wait a minimum of 2 years before applying again.

How often do the Trustees meet?

The Trustees have four grant giving meetings each year.

We've had a problem with our annual accounts which mean they are overdue. Will this affect our application?

The Trustees will not consider grant applications from organisations which have not submitted their annual accounts / Annual Return to the Charity Commission or to Companies House

I have some questions regarding our application that are not covered here on the website - can I call you to discuss an application?

We have limited admin staff so we try to provide answers here, or via the Application Guidelines or via the general search in the top menu bar. Please use the contact form on the Contact Us page if you need to.

Can I save my partially completed application and come back to finish it another day?

Yes you can. You can save it and come back at any point. You can even invite a colleague to 'share' the application so you can both work on it before it's submitted. See the easy instructions here.

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