These are the questions that you will be asked as you complete your application. This will help you to have to have everything at hand.

You can see/print off a PDF version if you prefer.

The name and address of your charitable organisation.

The registered charity number. (You’ll be able to add a comment if you don’t have a registered charity number).

The web address of your organisation (if applicable).

What the general objectives are of your organisation.

The total income for your organisation over the past 12 months.

Your name, position in the organisation, and contact details.

A summary of your application.

Whether the grant for a project based in Norfolk or the Waveney District of Suffolk.

The timescale of your appeal.

The sustainability of your organisation and of this project. (You may want to add some commentary about your Reserves Policy.)

A note of other potential funders you have approached, the amounts of any requests and anticipated decision dates. Whether you intend to use another form of funding for part of this project - a mortgage or a loan, for example.

Whether you have already received some funds for this project. If so, you will be asked to list the sources and amounts.

About your fundraising efforts for this appeal. (You’ll be able to submit samples of fundraising flyers or appeal material if you wish.)

The estimated total cost of the project, and the amount you are applying for from The Geoffrey Watling Charity.

The bank account name, number and sort code of the organisation.

Any additional comments that you feel are relevant.

Supporting documents. These could include, for example, budgets; recent accounts; reserves policy (unless stated within the accounts submitted to the Charity Commission); quotations/estimates etc and fundraising promotional materials.

The Geoffrey Watling Charity

8a Ber Street, Norwich, NR1 3EJ

Registered Charity Number 1025258

The Object of the Charity is to pay or apply the annual income of the Charity’s funds to such charity or charities or for such charitable purpose or purposes as the trustees shall from time to time in their absolute discretion determine.

1,925 grants made to March 2024.

£9,816,280 total value

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